Welcome to tsugu

We are a team of disruptors who know what it takes to protect, optimize and grow the ideas of entrepreneurs for the long term. We’re investing expertise, capital and our network to accelerate businesses and bring bold ideas to life.

Want to reimagine the impact that you can make? We’re looking for exceptional people and partners.


A catalyst for change

Acceleration Capital is for the long run. Real growth takes more than a one-time investment. It needs a partner who’s there for the ups, the downs, and everything in between. The boldest ideas need patience and vision to see things through, and a team to do the same.
Acceleration Capital finds growth in unlikely places. Exciting opportunities aren’t always in front of us. We explore the left-field and the overlooked corners, spotting hidden potential.
Acceleration Capital scales through process, frameworks and rigour. The opportunity is just the spark.
Acceleration Capital knows the journey inside out. Bringing experience from a proven track record of building and scaling businesses and working through the day-to-day challenges that lead to success.

“We are growing a diverse and unconventional team that puts the passion and skill of our people at the core of our success.

Our values are more than words - they guide how we work with our entire network. I want everyone who comes to Tsugu to connect with our values and add to our culture.”

Richard Geldart, CEO
Portrait of Tsugu CEO, Richard Geldart on dark, gradient background

Connect the dots

We spark ideas off each other and bring an experimental approach to what we do. We’re at our best when all the individual parts come together into new opportunities.

We look for team members who can focus on what matters now to create impact for the long term.

“Every day is different but the variety and stretch create an exciting, energising environment
in which to work.

I love being part of a brilliant team that is truly working together, seeing growth knowing I have made a meaningful impact and am playing a pivotal role in driving change.”
Alexandra Schindler, General Counsel & Strategic Project Manager
Portrait of Alexandra Schindler, General Counsel on dark, gradient background

Be like bamboo

Our flexibility builds resilience. In the face of challenge and uncertainty, we grow from strength to strength. We’re pragmatic in a way that doesn’t impede our pace and progress.
We want people who embrace every opportunity to grow themselves, our culture, and our business.

Deliver the exceptional

Collectively, we want to achieve results that make us proud. Everyone has the responsibility to create an environment where we can deliver better and play to our strengths.
We expect each other to look for opportunities to create more value for our business and the entrepreneurs we partner with.

A network of experts

You’ll bring your experience to work alongside our network of experts and successful entrepreneurs.


Freedom to be flexible

We trust you to deliver and invite you to work in a way that works for your life.


Grow as we grow

We’ll prioritise your professional development and focus on quality feedback.


Be at the cutting edge

We’re at the forefront of the tech sector and reinventing the traditional investment model.


Recognised and rewarded

We offer performance-led reward where everyone in the team shares in the win.

get in touch

Are you looking for your next challenge?

Drop us an email with your CV and share how you have helped others grow their big idea.

We are looking for exceptional people to join our growing team, for example:

Commercially Savvy Junior M&A lawyer

For this role, you will be a quick-thinking, committed, collaborative, and curious individual who can help our business navigate the complex and commercial challenges we face as we expand our private equity and venture capital investments.

Dynamic Legal & Tax Advisor
Commercially Driven CFO
Accounts Payable Whizz
Project & Admin Superhero
M&A Analyst
Venture Capital Analyst

Check out our LinkedIn page for more details.